Transports in Valencia

Valencia has a compact centre which is connected to the outer areas of Valencia by their wide boulevards. It has an efficient transport system, but it's easier to explore the city on foot because most of their main sights are relatively close.

Valencia by Metro

Valencia Metro system

The city has a small metro system but it is constant expansion, this system consists in three lines and links the city centre with residential suburbs and it doesn't have any stop within the Old City, the service is available from 5.30 am to midnight. The closest station to the city centre is called "Pont de Fusta" and the most important line for tourists is Line 4, because it links the city centre with the beach at Malvarrosa. Tickets are available from machines located on the stations; you can also find metro line maps at tourist offices and stations. Besides single journey tickets, there are also available tickets for multiple journeys and monthly or 10 journey travel cards. It costs 1.50€ per trip.

Website: Metro Valencia

Valencia by Bus

Valencia Bus system

There are several bus lines covering the entire city, most of them are red. There is an excellent local bus network which offers a comfortable ride, the buses have TV screens that show the route, local and world information, news, culture, audio announcements, weather information, etc. The service is generally available from 06.30 to 22.30. All the bus stops are marked with red signs and have a map of local bus routes and timetables. Drivers are kindly, friendly and offer their help to anyone.

Website: EMT Valencia

Valencia by Taxi

It is not a problem to find a taxi in Valencia; their cost is normally cheaper than other large cities in Europe. The color of a taxi in Valencia is generally white, and, if it has a green light on its roof it means that it is available so you are free to hire it.

Valencia by Car

If you are planning to stay in Valencia for a while, a car could be necessary in order to get out and explore the place. It is necessary to know that the city centre is often subject to traffic jams and Parking in the centre city is very difficult.

Driving schools in Valencia

Driving schools

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Traffic schools in Valencia

Traffic schools

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