Things to do in Valencia

Valencia offers to visitors lots of things to do; you'll find different kinds of activities from cultural to funny and relaxing activities for all ages and budgets. The city houses several places such as beaches, historical and cultural places, art galleries and museums an also areas in which you can take a rest. It'll depend on the season that you are planning to visit Valencia for example during spring or fall you’ll find most activities to enjoy the trip even more because in these months the weather allows to take a good sun-bath, hiking, and do all kinds of outdoors activities.

We recommend a list of interesting things you can do when you'll go to Valencia, those are detailed below:

Visit The Cathedral in Valencia Spain

The Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady of Valencia or Saint Mary's Cathedral is a Roman catholic church is a place that every visitor to Valencia must know. The cathedral is mainly a Gothic building and although the several restorations, it is in a good state of preservation. It's the mother Church of the Christian community in Valencia and although it's not a museum there are many interesting things to contemplate such as: 15th century paintings and other art works; you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the city in all direction from the bell tower of the cathedral.

Visit The City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences is surely one of the main attractions of the city for locals and foreign people. It's a huge complex as its name suggests it's like a town so it'll take you much more than two hours to take a look at the place in which technology, architecture, cosmology, arts, music, math, education and all the science in general are gathered together in harmony.

The City of Arts and Sciences has a fabulous futuristic architecture and its outdoor areas are landscaped with waterfalls and gardens distributed carefully. You'll find detailed information in City of Arts and Sciencies section.

Visit their Public gardens

Valencia boasts many public gardens in which you can enjoy peaceful walking paths, water fountains and even monuments; those public places will allow you to relax some time during your trip and maybe you'll find playgrounds for your kids. The Botanical Gardens is the oldest garden in Valencia (since 1802) with more than 3000 different species of plants. The modern gardens: Monforte Gardens are from 19th century and features marble statues, pools, fountains and beautiful landscapes effects; Jardines de los Reales Viveros (Royal Nursery Gardens), Jardines del Viejo Cauce del Turia (Gardens of the Old Course of the River Turia) and more are other Gardens in Valencia.

Visit their Beaches

Valencia community has some of the best beaches in Spain; although most of them aren't really walking distance from the city, we guarantee that it'll worth the travel by bus to a really good beach. Some of the most popular beaches in Valencia are: La Malvarrosa beach, an urban beach with fine and golden sand and facilities for disabled people; Cabañal- Arenas features besides the sand, beautiful amusement areas for children; Pinedo Beach is an open beach with a great environment; El Saler beach is the nearest good beach to Valencia with 6 kilometers of sandy beach and it's widely known as a great quality beach. Other Beaches are: Davesa Beach, Perellonet Beach, L'Ahuir Beach, Miramar Beach, Norte de Gandia / Gandia Beach, Rafalcaid Beach and El Racó.

Enjoy the Valencia nightlife

Valencia nightlife is one of the things to do in Valencia you cannot miss; although it's not well-known among tourists, Valencia has several places to enjoy each night of your stay in Valencia. The historic Barrio Carmen is the best area where one can experience parties in Valencia; you'll find discotheques, bohemian bars, clubs, and more. Other key areas of nightlife in Valencia are: Canovas, Aragon, Malvarrosa and Heron City.

Other attractions

  • Serrano Towers: These 15th century towers were once part of the old city walls, and now they are considered to be the largest Gothic city gateway in Europe.
  • Plaza del Mercado: The Plaza del Mercado is a well-known destination due to the interesting buildings located there: The Silk Market that is Patrimony of the Humanity, The Santos Juanes Church and The Central Market.
  • La Tomatina:You can enjoy this festival in the Valencian town of Buñol; it consists in throwing tomatoes at each other participant.
  • Bullfight in the Plaza de Toros: The Plaza de Toros de Valencia is a bullring used for some of the most important bullfights.