Valencia Formula 1 Street Circuit

The urban circuit of Valencia is one of the three urban circuits of Formula 1 that they exist today , it was started in the middle of the year 2007 and welcomes the great prize of Europe since the year 2008. Its length is bigger than 5 Km and it took for a race driver about 1 minute and 37 seconds to cover all over the road; It has 25 curves, 11 to the left and 14 to the right.

By the 2007 the agreement which allowed the construction street urban circuit was made official, in October of that year its construction was started and, in August 2008 it became the home of the Europe’s Grand Prix. Its route has the same characteristics that a permanent circuit, the unique difference is that it is located in the city and is surrounded by water.

valencia street circuit

Race drivers can run as fast as 320 km./hour, however they are protected by one of the most reliable security systems. It has the last generation of boxes because each garage module is equipped with electric generators, illumination, telecommunication connectors, water, compressed air, drainages, smoke extraction systems, fire detection systems, etc.

One of its main characteristics is its position, it is located near to the harbor and its route is about 14 meters width, this made possible that a car could overtake to other cars in the race in spite of being a urban circuit.

valencia street circuit

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