Shopping in Valencia

Whatever you like or dislike, you can find what are you looking for in Valencia.

The Valencian Stores use to open their doors from Monday to Saturday approximately from 10:00-13:30 to 16:00,19:00 and even 20:00.

Mercado Central

For people who enjoy shopping, we recommend to take a walk around its "Mercado Central", is just impressive and you can find everything here, it is one of the biggest traditional covered markets of Europe.

Its surface is approximately 8.000 m2, it has 2 plants and more than 15.000 people visit the market every day.

This market is always thinking in their costumers it also has a website which is designed as a virtual shopping arcade which purpose is to attempt their customers orders and get this orders to their homes.

Mercado de Fuencarral

The Mercado de Fuencarral in Valencia is a shopping haven for funky fashionistas who dress with an edge. Internationally recognised labels like Pepe Jeans and Puma are found among home-grown brands like Camper and Divina Providencia.

Also the Mercado de Fuencarral de Valencia offers the huge 16-screen cinema and an array of lounge bars and cafes. Hang out with super trendy Valencians at Laydown, a restaurant-cum-club where guests recline on beds instead of chairs.


It could be found jewelry stores and establishments with fashionable clothing, you will find deluxe stores of international fame as well as several shopping centers.

Handicraft and antiques

There are several specialized traditional- taste stores in which you can buy all kind of silver objects, painted fans handmade, crochet chores, embroiderings silken, famous ceramics from Manises, etc.