Restaurants in Valencia

Valencia is the perfect place to enjoy of a delicious dinner and a good wine. This city has acquired its own personality and offers a first level quality service which had made the gastronomy and Valencian food internationally known.

Rice and fish are the basis of its gastronomy. The most representative dishes, of course, are the "paella" and the "tapas" which can be found in any restaurant. Normally, different kinds of paellas are served each of them with a particular taste.

However, the Valencian gastronomy tries to break myths and traditions, the restaurants show that not everything must be paella; in many restaurants around the entire city you can eat different kinds of food, Valencian as well as Mediterranean and international food. There are more than one hundred restaurants in town; they offer a wide variety of dishes that are disposed to satisfy to any expectancy. Some restaurants have an external terrace but these tables usually require a previous reservation.

Valencian restaurants are open until midnight and it is very usual for Valencian people to have dinner between 20:00 and 22:00 hours, you also have to know that is very usual to wait for a awhile to have a table.

Popular restaurants in Valencia

Here we have a list of restaurants that you can visit:

Ca Sento Restaurant , it has become a reference of the Valencian and Spaniard gastronomy. It offers a gastronomy based on a fusion of traditional Mediterranean ingredients and new experimental flavors.

Morgado Restaurant, it offers typical Spaniard food, it is one of the best in Valencia.

It is also very small, so, it is very commendable to make a reservation for a table in advance.

We also recommend to visit these places: Rías Gallegas, Morgado, Oscar Torrijos,La Sucursal, El paso, El Plat, Gargantua, La Riua, La Riuà, Civera, LaLola, Los Patos, Palace Fesol, La Pepica, Eladio, El Gourmet, El Timonel, etc.