Parks and Gardens in Valencia

Valencia is a city that can boast of its numerous parks and gardens. These extensive greenbelts in addition to embellish the cityscape, they have become a point of meeting and spreading to all people. The large variety of plants and vegetables joined to a long floral tradition explains why Valencia is known as "The city of flowers and light".

Main parks in Valencia

Parque de Cabecera
Jardines de Monforte
Parque del Oeste


Aquópolis is an aquatic park located in Valencia, its antique name was Acuasol, in spite of this name change the entertainments it offers are the same. Among these attractions we can mention their water chutes, the Kamikaces "Himalaya", the Black Hole, the "Perezosos", the Niagara river in which can go over the swimming pools aboard a floater, the waves swimming pool, etc.

Cabecera Park

It was inaugurated in the 2004 year, it is located in the end of Turia river. The principal attraction is an enormous artificial lake lake located in the central part, because all the other attractions are around it. It also has an open auditorium, paths and lanes to run or to go in bicycle, a jetty, a bar, an infantile game zone, artificial mountains and the "Molí del Sol". It is the ideal place to pass the Sunday with your family, practice sports, give a walk or take your children to play.

The western Park

The park is located in the Cid Avenue, it was made in the plot of land of the quarters of the Air Force, for this reason it was built the cabecera monument. Inaugurated in 1995, and it has an auditorium for concerts, ice rinks and another spreading facilities.

Orriols park

It was inaugurated in September 2000, it is located in a new zone of Orriols's neighborhood, it intends to give to this neighborhood a spreading and recreation zone and at the same time to oxygenate a place of recent urban expansion, where live many young couples with little children. It possesses sports facilities to practice swimming, basketball, fields to play soccer, tennis courts and infantile games; it also has a garden with many trees and plants.

Botanical Garden

It is one of the biggest gardens in Europe, was founded in the year 1567 for studying medicinal plants. It is a lush place full of plants; there are hundreds of species and varieties of trees, really big trees, shrubs, palms, etc.

Turia River Gardens

The antique bed of Turia River is at the present time one of the principal recreational urban zones of Valencia. It is an extensive and original garden that has become the biggest green lung of the city.

Due to its extension, it is divided in several sections: the stretch I, the stretch II, stretches IV - V and the Gulliver's park. Into these sections can be found wide grasslands and big trees in which you can take a rest; In general, these zones are well equipped with numerous benches, wastepaper baskets, drinkable- water sources, zones for the pets and according to the stretch, bars, sports infrastructures and infantile games.

Jardines de Real (Viveros) - Park / Garden in Valencia

"Los Jardines del Real" are also known as "Los Jardines de Viveros". It is a beautiful and extensive garden that lodges a great variety of vegetable species; it is frequented by Valencian people as well as tourists.

It recreates different environments and it is accompanied by numerous sculptures, water fountains, ponds and diverse facilities such as an adventure playground or the zoo in which felines, bovines, equines, monkeys and another species are contemplated , it also lodge the Natural sciences museum.

"Los Jardines del Real" comprises diverse zones, such as "La Rosaleda", which is an ample circular space in which grow hundred of multicolored roses, the great cage of birds, the pond or the children's park, among others.

La Glorieta

This is the oldest garden in Valencia; the garden features famous statues, sculpted fountains and regional plants. It is the perfect place to stay for a while and read a good book on a bench.

Jardines de Monforte

It is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain and they form part of the national artistic treasure they are located in "La Plaza of the Legion Española", near to "La Alameda" and "Los Jardines del Real". In spite of being located in one of the highest circulated zones is famous by its tranquility and quietness.

It has a neoclassical style but also possesses romantic aspects; its landscape is adorned by beautiful Italian sculptures, ponds, etc.

El Paseo de la Alameda

"El Paseo de la Alameda" includes about one kilometer along the bridges "Real" and "Aragón". It is a place which is full of beautiful trees, most of them large-sized, antique and very robust. The antique style of the garden is keep by two towers dedicated to St. Felipe and San Jaime.