Nightlife in Valencia

Valencia Nightlife is part of Spain nightlife that boasts some of the most popular cities when it comes about nightlife, cities such as Madrid and Barcelona are widely known for their celebrations and parties; although Valencia nightlife it's not popular as those cities, nightlife in Valencia is a party that seems to go on forever, especially in weekends that locals call La Movida.

La Movida in Valencia is a phenomenon among youth; all young people go to discotheques, bars and pubs, which boast a nice environment. You’ll find many people dancing, drinking and having fun in every street and beaches across the city.

You'll find different discotheques, bars and clubs scattered in the city center; and other popular areas to spend all week long, of course you'll find many establishments crowded especially in Saturdays and Fridays although most of them don't start filling up until midnight.

One of the most popular places in Valencia is Barrio del Carmen (The Carmen Quartier); this historical neighborhood is full of restaurants to suit all tastes, bars, nightclubs and more. Many people enjoy of dancing cobbled streets from one bar to the next. This part of Valencia is considered as the bohemian quarter with a mixture of art, decadence and hedonism.

Other neighborhoods that are becoming popular are Ruzafa and El Cabanyal. Ruzafa has become one of the most hipsters neighborhoods, where you can have a coffee reading a book, to go out at night to the best clubs in the city. The Cabanyal is the quintessential waterfront district, by the sea and the beach Malvarrosa. The entire neighborhood is being completely remodeled.

Best clubs in town

In the neighborhood of El Carmen:

  • Radio City: Carrer Santa Teresa 19, València
  • Bolsería: Carrer Bolseria 41, València
  • Fox Congo: Carrer Caballeros 35, València
  • Fox Congo: Carrer Caballeros 35, València

In the neighborhood of Ruzafa:

  • Play Club: Carrer de Cuba 8, València
  • Nylon: Gran vía de las Germanías 31, València
  • Picadilly: Carrer dels Tomassos 12, València
  • Gordo Club: Carrer Carlos Cervera 23, València
  • XtraLrge: Gran Vía de les Germanies 21, València

In the neighborhood of Ruzafa:

  • La Fábrica de Hielo: Carrer de Pavia 37, València
  • No Hay Nada Mejor que 27 Amigos: Carrer de la Reina 186, València
  • Atelier dels Bous: Carrer Eugenia Viñes 175, València
  • Marina Beach Club: Carrer Marina Real Juan Carlos I, s/n, València