Fallas Festival in Valencia

Las Fallas Festival represents an important part in Culture of Valencia; and it's not just about burning stuff; the word falla has 3 meanings:

Nit de la Cremá
  • About the communities in Valencia (groups of people with their own traditions), in which people socialize together and realize neighborhood projects.

  • The Sculptures, called fallas that are presented by each community in the festival. These sculptures are made of wood and peppier-mache and get burned during the festival.

  • Finally, the fallas is the festival that celebrates the tradition of those communities and all aspects of Valencia culture and traditions that identify the city and takes place in march of every year. And includes some important events such as: The Crema, in the last night of Falles the falles sculptures are burnt as huge bonfires; Els Castells and la Nuit del Foc when fireworks are shown in the river each night; L'Ofrena floral is when each community offers flowers to the virgin and all the flowers are used to dress virgin flowers; and other activities.

It's said that the traditional fallas has its origins in Middle Ages when people used to celebrate St. Joseph Day (19th March), this religious festivity was mixed with pagan customs and both were accepted and adapted by the Church. Other people think that the party was originated by craftsmen of the zone when they used to burn the remains of their workshops; then it was acquiring human features and the first falleros artists were born.

If you travel to Valencia during the fallas festival (15th to 19th March) you'll enjoy a wonderful planning of several official events and other activities unscheduled at the street, where most action is located. You must be prepared because these days it's almost impossible to drive a car or even walk in the city because of the celebrations of this and other festivals such as the Father's day, Saint Joseph's day (Jesus' father), The Virgin de los Desamparados and the popular bullfighting.

You can appreciate in following images a bit of the huge celebration that takes place in the entire Valencia; the fallas has become an important tourist attraction in Spanish culture for locals as well as for foreigners.