Art Exhibitions in Valencia

Here there are some of the best Art Exhibitions in Valencia:

Prince Felipe Science Museum

Prince Felipe Science Museum

This building has a fantastic aspect inside and outside, it was designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava. It has ample spaces and abundant light; in these spaces predominates the white color and the glare of their crystals because their purpose is that the building reflects in the water.

It is situated in the city of arts and sciences and it is formed by three plants, each of them has around 8.000 square meters of surface and is mostly dedicated to the expositions. It also has several places and ample plazas inside and outside the building that are used to give didactic workshops and make cultural activities. The workshops and activities offered to visitors all the ages a clear and entertained understanding of the scientific and technologic principies.

Centre D'artesania de la Comunitat Valenciana

Centre D'artesania de la Comunitat Valenciana

It is situated in a recently constructed building placed in a lot that belongs to the "Colegio del Arte Mayor de la Seda" and it is near to the "Casa de la Cultura".

It is an entity dedicated to diffuse and increase the Valencian Community handicraft informing, advising and promoting the companies of this community and at the same time it promotes the consolidation and the competitiveness among the companies of the distinct craft sectors that integrate it.

Inside the building there is permanent handmade craftwork exposition in which emphasizes the Valencian ceramics.

Cruces de Mayo

It is a religious holiday celebrated in Spain and another countries around the world. Valencia becomes all their streets into an authentic garden of precious crosses made of flowers placed everywhere inside the city.

Biennial Valencia

It was born due to purely contemporary motives, its purpose is to disappear the frontiers among the distinct arts, and the evolution of these concepts inside this amalgam in which is inserted all the actual artistic production.

This international event is celebrated every two years, it is a space in which reflections and questions about the creative communication among the languages and its repercussion in the artistic situation of the moment are made.

Casa de las Rocas

The "Museo del Corpus" or "House of rocks" museum was built in 1434 and nowadays is located located in the antique "house of rocks" and a neighboring building recently reconstructed. It was inaugurated again on May 29, 2006 by the municipal government. The "Rocks" were used in the tenth fifth century, they are especial cars that were utilized as platforms during festivities, such as the Easter or Corpus Christi processions. At the present time this museum has a library and presents projections about the Corpus Christi festivity to their visitors. It is one of the most renowned museums in Valencia and receives lots of tourists every day.