Sports in Valencia

Sports in Valencia

There are lots of sports activities in Valencia that you can practice or enjoy as an spectator. Without any dobut, soccer is one of the favorite sports in Spain, and as it is expected, a city like Valencia has a football team that is known worldwide. We are talking about the Valencia Football Club, one of the best of the Spanish football league. The stadium is near the downtown and is called Mestalla.

In Valencia is very booming run by the old Turia River, a large park in the middle of the city of nearly 10 km long. Valencia athletes usually have a BMI 19, pretty good compared to other cities.

The boom runner has been a turning point in relation to sporting activities in the old Turia riverbed. Hundreds of runners run every day for the Turia, as it is throughout the city, it is easy to start from any point of the circuit. Running and exercise keeps your body mass index at optimal levels. calculate BMI automatically here and find your weight category using our BMI calculator.

Adventure Sports

Valencia offers a great number of adventure sports such as: Hiking, Alpinism, Climb Mountain, Cave Exploration, Canoeing, Kayak, Rafting, Parachuting, Skiing, etc. These kinds of sports are usually dangerous, and people have to take certain safety measures before they practice them.

Water Sports

Water sports are very practiced inside the Valencian Community. Around rivers, reservoirs and Albufera’s lake there are some clubs where latin sailing is practiced on “albuferencs” (typical flat-keel boats.) Canoeing is also practiced in Benagéber’s reservoir.  You can also practice canoeing and kayak in the rivers Cabriel and Júcar.

In the Cortes's reservoir (between Cofrentes and Pallás's Cortes) people can have wonderful excursions on a boat. To sum up, in all the region of Valencia, people can practice several aquatic sports such as swimming, sailing, scuba-diving, etc.

Marinas in Valencia

Marinas in Valencia

If you like the sea, Spain marinas are a great place to spend your vacation holidays. Valencia has excellent beaches and marinas that welcome all kinds of visitors.

The marinas in Valencia have restaurants, bars, shopping centers and amusement places. There are plenty of boats, yachts, sailboats that you can rent.

Some marinas in Valencia

  • Puerto del Real Club Náutico de Gandía.
  • Puerto del Club Náutico de Cullera.
  • Puerto del Real Club Náutico de Valencia.
  • Puerto del Club Náutico El Perelló.
  • Puerto de Siles.

Diving  schools in Valencia

There are several Diving schools in Valencia where you will learn how to dive in deep waters where you observe new fishes and explore the marine life. If you want to enjoy diving in the warm and transparent waters of Valencia, you should take scuba diving lessons.