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Some advantages of speaking Spanish as a second language

In the whole world there are more than 6,985 spoken languages, the most popular ones are English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese Mandarin. Having a good command of these languages is compulsory to stand out from the rest, during the job search process. In fact learning languages give the students better chances in the professional, personal, social and economic field.

What are the most important reasons to learn different languages?

  • Learning other languages give the students the opportunity to open their mind and increase the global comprehension and the cultural context understanding.  According to the Italian Film director Federico Fellini “a different tongue is a different visualization of life”.

  • Improve your chances to get a job easily. As we know the labor market is strongly competitive, in this way, having a good command of languages is important in order to impress the employers during the job interview answers and question. Many industries such as tourism, translation, business, mass media, education, publishing, advertisements, scientific research and entertainment are demanding professionals with high language skills.

  • Using another language lets the students the ability to improve their native language more. During the learning process students need to read and practice a lot in order to improve the new language skills; at the same time, they improve their native language abilities.

  • The majority of recognized universities in the world require some basic language instruction for admission; in this way, having a good command of languages give students the chance to form part of the best universities.

  • Students can apply for many scholarships and free courses if they speak foreign languages. This is a good way to study abroad.

Language schools

MBA Programs in Valencia

What are the best language schools in the world?

According to the worldsbestlanguageschools.com the most representative in the world are as follows:

  • Valencia Spanish Schools (2006 Finalist Star Award)
  • Normandy French Schools (2008 Best French School)
  • Florence Italian School (2001-2005 Best Italian School)
  • Berlin German School (2002-2004-2006 Best German School)
  • Beijing School (2010 Winner Best School)

Nowadays the world is turning into smaller place without borders and limits and plenty of international companies are investing in new offices in different parts of the world thanks to the globalization era; that is why, companies are requiring professionals with high languages skills and the capability to travel around the globe. The Spanish language is the most demanded for employers because there are approximately 22 countries speaking Spanish in the world, in addition the second most spoken language in the United States is Spanish for the Latino community.

The Spanish as a language evolved throughout the 9th century in the northern Spain. Little by little the consonants and syllables were changing and adding foreign words during the 15th century, because the Spanish empire conquered America, Africa and Asia in that time.

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Students who want to expand his cultural horizons and be competitive in the business world, are obligated to Learn Spanish as a second language. Furthermore, there are international Spain companies worldwide hiring foreign professionals; according to the Fortune Magazine, International companies such as Santander, Movistar, and the BBVA, are the best Spain leading corporations in the world. Moreover, in concordance with the international Business Week Magazine plenty of MBA students choose the Spanish language because several important MBA schools are situated in Spain. They are really famous around the world for its prestige; we can mention for instance the IE Business School in Madrid, the ESADE Business School in Barcelona, the IESE Business School and the Escuela de Negocios de la Universidad Politécnica San Pablo in Valencia.

In fact Spain has several schools where foreign people can Learn Spanish as a second language, Valencia is an amazing city situated on the Mediterranean coast.

Its breathtaking beaches, attractive architecture and the exquisite cuisine convert this Spain city in the correct place to learn the romance language and the favorite tourist destination for many Europeans. Spanish in Valencia could be more than a learning process; it could be an unforgettable experience of life.

Spanish online

Even though Spanish is a popular language, not everybody can spend money taking expensive courses in language schools. Fortunately there are many resources to learn Spanish properly without expending a lot of money, internet is one of them; many people take online languages courses and tools in Internet by many different web pages for example to learn the spanish irregular verbs , vocabulary, speaking skills or grammar lessons.