Excursion to Sagunto

Sagunto is a town near to the Valencian community; it is a town with a rich history. It is situated to 25 Km. of the the capital, to the north of the Valencian province and at the feet of Calderona mountain range. It is an antique city but at the same time modern, campestral and urban at the same time. Their fertile lands are watered by the water of the Palancia River and their magnificent beaches placed next to the Mediterranean sea are added to their monuments, for this reason it is totally justified its visit. The principal economic axle of this municipality is the industry, the tourism and the citrics cultivation.

Excursion around the town

This town requires an extensive visit, in order to appreciate the importance of their monuments. Among the most important urban routes, we can mention:

  • El Carrer Major (the biggest street), It begins where the Puerta Ferrisa was situated and concludes in the main square, it still preserving their traditional porches and portals.
  • La calle de Cavallers (Gentlemen).
  • La plaza de la Peixcatería, it has a medieval aspect.
  • La calle del Castell, here is initiated the ascent to the Roman theatre.

The main monuments of Sagunto

  • Roman Theater. - It was constructed in the first century in the north slope of the castle hill, it was constructed in the underside of the own mountain and it can lodge around 8000 spectators. It was declared a Hispanic national monument in 1896.
  • Castle (Castillo).- The remains of this fortress are extend along one kilometer approximately. It was witness of the fight that have had the residents of Sagunto and Aníbal. Later, it became the base of distinct residents constructions such as the iberos, Roman, Goths, Arab, etc.
  • The Salvador Church. - It was constructed in the XIII century, is is an obvious example of the Gothic primitive art in the Valencian lands. It was declared a national artistic historic monument in 1977.
  • Santa María's Church. - It is a gothic style building constructed during the century XIV. It has spectacular dimensions: 353 mts. length and 73 mts. width. Nowadays only a few of their remains guarantee that great Roman construction. It was declared a national artistic historic monument in 1983.
  • Remains of the wall of Diana's temple.- Are very few the remains that left of this monument, it is placed near to Santa Maria's church, and nowadays it constitutes a wall of 15 meters length and 4 meters height.
  • The Virgin Mary's hermitage. - It was constructed at the beginning of the XVII century, it has a baroque style. Inside it are preserved the steps of the Holy Week Sagunto.
  • Another relevant buildings are The hermitage of San Miguel, the municipal Palace, the antique Almudín and the medieval oven, all of them located in the main square. It is also important to mention the actual House of Culture, the palace of the Borrás family, the house-palace of the Vives de Cañamás family, etc.

Photos of Sagunto