Excursion to Requena

A municipality that belongs to the Valencian Community, situated to 70 Km of it, it possesses one of the most important historic and artistic sets of whole Valencia. Provide multiple possibilities for people who are interested to hiking and another related sports with the nature.

Excursion around the town

Excursion to Requena

The main attraction of this town is the "La Villa" neighborhood. It is a medieval aspect neighborhood that lodges most of the the local monuments, it was declared historic and artistic national complex in the year 1966.

The most important place in this town is The "La Villa" square, under the floor exits a labyrinth of passages and rooms excavated in the rocks several centuries ago and most of them were destined for warehousing grains. These places can be accessed from this plaza but they aren't conditioned for being part of a tour. In this beautiful neighborhood is placed the Santa María's Gothic church that was declared national monument. Other churches of interest concern are the San Nicolas's church and the antique Carmen convent where "la Virgen de los Dolores" is venerated.

Travel to Requena

The excursion around Requena offers other surprises, for example "La torre del homenaje", those are the remains of as Arab fortress; "El arco del Ovejero", also has an Arab origin; the Cid palace, rebuilt in the XV century; "La casa de Santa Teresa"; house o the "corregidor"; "La casa del Arte Mayor de la Seda"; The medieval arcs of Paniagua alley, etc.

Requena also offers several beautiful natural walks, for example, "La Fuente Podrida", situated about 32 Km. of the city, a place situated near to the Cabriel river. It is famous for the existence of a spring of water that has mineral and medicinal properties.

From the Rebollar village you can begin the ascension to the Tejo peak, that is 1.250 meters high. From the top of this mountain you can enjoy a nice sight of the Requena-Utiel region.

Another one of the beautiful landscapes of Requena is "Casas del Río", situated to 26 Km of the city, next to the Cabriel river where a big waterwheel is contemplated. It is also worth to visit the water source of Canaleja, situated about 18 Km of the city and located next to the Magro river.

Photos of Requena