Arròs amb fesols i naps

It is a typical dish of Valencia, is specially cooked in the winter epoch. It is frequent cooked in town parties for the enjoying of all the guests.


  • ½ Kg of "bomb rice"
  • ¼ Kg of fesols ( white beans )
  • 400 Gr. of garreta
  • 1 ear pig
  • 1 hoof pig
  • 200 Gr. of salted bacon
  • 2 blanquets ( pig sausage )
  • 2 onion blood sausages
  • 6 or 8 Swedish turnips
  • 1 mature tomato
  • Sweet paprika
  • Saffron threads


Having immersed in water during 10 hours the fesols, take them away and boil it into three liters of cold water, add the garreta, the pig ear, the hoof pig and the bacon and let them to cook at a moderate fire.

In the middle of this cooking add the blanquets, the blood sausages and the naps or the napicoles cut in three or four pieces. When these ingredients were cooked, take them away and place them on a plate.

Put the ground sweet pepper and rectify the salt, add the tomato previously grated and fried lightly in olive oil. Finally, put the rice next to the beef and the turnips. Cook all of the ingredients during twenty minutes.