Moving to Valencia

Valencia, one of the most beautiful cities of Spain, is the ideal place for people who want to know more about the Spanish lifestyle and culture. If you are moving to Valencia you should consider some advices:

  • The language shouldn't a barrier; if you do not speak Spanish, it is recommended take a course and learn basic Spanish vocabulary before you get to Valencia. If that is not possible, in Valencia you can find various language schools that offer comprehensive courses.
  • Valencia has its own language, Catalan. Don't worry; there are few people that do not speak Spanish.
  • The daily timetable is different; do not feel surprised by it.

Moving companies in Valencia

Real estate in Valencia

Moving companies are experts in transfers and they are the right professionals to help you with all that you need to move to Valencia. Make sure that you choose a  professional  and  reputable moving company that provides the best service. Depending on the location of your new home and your actual location, you can choose to work with one of the movers companies that are located in your area; but if it is too far, you can choose an international moving company.

Moving companies in Valencia offer a variety of services whose prices depend on the quantity to be transported, the distance of travel, the type of furniture and the number of people that is necessary to do all the moving arrangements. They provide services as packing, moving, unpacking services and other special services to move fragile and valuable things like your piano, or any antiques,for example.

Some moving companies in Valencia offer other special services; they can help you with information about the following things:

  • To buy or rent a house in Valencia.
  • To find schools and nursery care for your children.
  • To ger a health insurance.
  • To get medical care for your family
  • To obtain Paperwork, registration and residence permit
  • To get Legal advice
  • Translation services.

Moving Tips

Here you have some moving tips to help you prepare for your move:

  • Plan it 3 to 5 months in advance, you may have to obtain visas, work permits and vaccines and cancel services such as water and tv cable, for example.
  • Make a list of all that you need to do. Being well-organized will help you to move efficiently.
  • Sort your belongings according to type; choose which goods you want to carry with you to Valencia and which ones you want to leave. Seek advice: It might be more advantageous to buy goods in Valencia instead of bringing these goods with you.
  • It is important to choose appropriate cardboard boxes for items that will be packed in them. (For example, dishes should be packed in dish-pack boxes.)
  • Make sure that the labeling of boxes are correct; so, they can easily be placed in their proper location at your new address.

You need all the extra time you can get to find a job. I did a lot of research on the web and through family/friends in Valencia before leaving. There are a lot of pages out there dedicated to moving to Spain in general and they cover many points which apply to Valencia. Remember, some jobs requires a good level of Spanish typing speed. You can increase your Spanish typing wpm rate to as high as 70 or 80 wpm by using this simple tool.