Job Search in Valencia

Job Search in Valencia

Valencia is one of the largest and most important cities of Spain, and many tourists visit it especially during summer time, consequently tourism is a big part of Valencia's economy. This city provides people with some interesting job offers that encourage them to stay for sometime time in order to specialize in their professions and acquire new knowledge.

Unemployment rate in Spain again jumped to the dramatic level of 20% in the last three months of 2010 reaching heights never seen since the second quarter of 1997, accompanied by a drop in occupancy rate. What began as a business problem has become a serious problem for households. As a consequence, the government began to create employment for half of the year, through programs and inversion.

That is why a job search tends to be kind of difficult for many people, though job advertisements in Spain newspapers and also on the web are available, where they can find information about how to get a job according with their professions and experience. Besides, these specialized web pages give them some tips on how to make a good impression during the job interview.

Job search tips

Despite the crisis, there are well-paid jobs in high demand. A report by the placement firm Adecco gives us job search tips about some well-paid jobs and great job offers.Ā  The well-paid jobs are for doctors, sales specialists and java programmers, among others.

Job Search tips

In order to get a job, you have to build a good resume. This resume shouldn't have spelling mistakes, it's suggested you write it using a simple vocabulary and write about your best qualities as a person and as a professional. Also, remember to use keywords related to the job offer in your resume sample so the recruiter identifies the required qualifications.

Furthermore, there is another document considered a very important one in the job-search process: the cover letter, which is as important as a resume, and in this document the presentation counts. For example, many students believe that a cover letter is very important because the employer can see on a sheet of paper the candidateĀ“s professional expectations and work experience. Take into consideration that you can find interesting resume examples according to your profession on the web.

This material is free and you can access it anytime. These resume templates give you a model on how to write your resume and, if you don't like your resume style, how to change it. It's up to you.