Excursion to Jávea

Jávea is located to 86 km. to the northeast of the Alicante province, bettween San Antonio and La Nao capes. During the long winter months this city looks like being sleepy and is practically empty, but it is a fun city in the intense and hectic months of summer; thousands of tourists turn this city into an authentic enjoyment and madness muse. It is near to Madrid, 4 to 5 hours by car and about 450 kms of this city, Jávea is the ideal place to enjoy a summer in relax, tranquility and accompanied by your family.

It has a nice and varied landscape, inside it as well as in their coasts, the weather is dry Mediterranean, with very soft winters and not very hot summers. Its inhabitants characterizes for being open-minded, easy going and friendly, they have time for the job and the fun, they work in tourist activities, fishing and the growing of vine.

It has several holidays, for example the holydays in the honor of Jesus Nazareno celebrated with processions and religious processions, it is celebrated on May 3; The holidays of "Nuestra Señora del Loreto" celebrated in September 8; Les Fogueres de Sant Joan, which is celebrated in June 24, in this day the town gets ready to receive the summer with fireworks and colors.

Excursion around Javea

Arenal beach - Jávea
Arenal beach - Jávea
Arenal beach - Jávea

El Arenal beach

Situated in the south area of the city, its sea swell soft, their waters are warm and crystalline; It is an ideal place to have a good time in company of your family. You can see the webcam Javea services to enjoy wonderful views of that beach and other nearby cameras, 24 hours a day.

Jávea Harbor

It is situated near to the historic center of the town, it offers to their visitors multiple fun options and leisure activities.

Playa de la Grava

Its landscape is formed by smooth and small stones that are dispersed all over the coastal. This beach is located in a beautiful maritime walk, with bars and leisure places.

The Arenal Viewpoint

It is one of the most popular viewpoints. It offers a relaxing and excellent sight from his balcony; it is located on easy-access place and has an excellent sight to the Arenal beach.

San Antonio.Viewpoint

It is situated to 10 Km of the town, it offers an exceptional sight of the city, and of the blue sea that accompanies the city. Near to this viewpoint is located the San Antonio lighthouse.

Fatzia Viewpoint

It is located about 7 Km to the south of the city. As the rests of the mentioned viewpoints, it offers a relaxing sight of the Mediterranean sea and their interminable coasts.

Photos of Jávea