Getting Around Valencia

Valencia is a perfect city for a tourist, it's not big neither small. Most of their narrow streets are definitively best explored on foot and almost all of their main sights are easy reachable by walking, because they are near one to each other. However, it is a good idea to take a bus to go to those places which are a little bit further like "The City of Arts and Sciences" or the "La Albufera", fortunately, it has a very efficient, cheap and easy-to-use transport public service.

As an option, it is possible to buy a city transit pass which is valid for about three days that allows you to use boundlessly buses, trams, and the subway system and additionally offers discounts for some selected attractions. It is also available a very useful tourist information office which is always willing to answer any of your doubts. People who drives the taxis in Valencia are friendly and respectful, they will help you if you are having problems to communicate what you want, They are always willing to give you an advice about the city or give you a free map.

This city has attractions everywhere, so, if you go to Valencia you can visit:

  • The Ceramic Museum and enjoy its ceramic collection,
  • The Botanical Garden, located near to the streets of the town center.
  • The blue-domed Fine Arts Museum which preserves paintings by Velázquez and El Greco.
  • The IVAM, a contemporary art museum.
  • Sagunto, which is located in the north part, it is a famous place, known by its rich historical heritage. Its major economic and tourism activity is the production of citrus fruits; if you go there you must visit its Castle and the Roman Theatre.
  • Gandía, which is known for its beaches, It is a recently restored city, that constitute a perfect place to walk, many of its streets are pedestrians If you go there, you must visit the "Colegiata" or "Seu", the first church that was built in the city.
  • La Albufera, this place is a sweet water lagoon which constitutes an important nature preserve for animal and plants.
  • The Carmen Quarter, it is the bohemian quarter in the city, the ideal place to go dancing and have fun at night, it offers all kinds of bars and restaurants.
  • Valencia Cathedral, an amazing building in the Old quarter of the city.
  • Nova Tabarca, an island that features the historical remnants of past times, such as an eighteenth century fortress
  • La Lonja, which homes several Valencian famous attractions, such as the "Palacio de la Generalidad", "Palace of the Marquis de Dos Aguas", "the Plaza de Manises" and the "Campanil de la Iglesia de Santa Catalina bell-tower".

Valencia owns a valuable history, therefore, possess lots of glorious attractions such as buildings, monuments, art sculptures, museums and other beautiful places. It homes art and science but in the other hand offers a very lively night live, lots of restaurants, bars and of course fascinating beaches.