Excursion to Gandía

Gandia has a beautiful landscape, rich in contrasts because it possesses Mediterraneans and mountain features; the weather is very stable with pleasant temperatures practically all the year round that permits to enjoy the charm of their extensive and beautiful beaches, especially those that are in the North of the city.

Gandía is located in the Valencian coast; their beaches extend across 6 kilometers of seaboard. However, it is not an eminently coastal town, their lands are constituted by a stretch of the beautiful Mediterranean coasts, but the mountain landscape goes up to approximately its seaboard zone.

The good weather and the quality of their beaches attract to those who are looking for sun, the sea and the practice of all kinds of sports.

The historic centre of Gandía

The Ducal city, as it is traditionally known, offers an ample, succulent and beautiful historic patrimony. If the charms the seaboard offers are abundant, are not less those which are offered by the historic centre, nowadays totally remodeled and pedestrianized.

Among their main monuments, we can mention:

  • The Ducal palace, which rest onto the remains of an antique Arab style house.
  • La colegiata de Santa María, one of the most emblematic buildings of Gandía.
  • Santa Clara's convent.
  • Santa Ana's hermitage.
  • The town council.
  • San Marcos's hospital, in which is located the archaeology museum, it preserves important prehistoric findings located in this zone.


When we talk about their holidays, we must mention the "fallas of Gandía" that are celebrated between March 15 and 19 and the Holy Week, between March and April.

It is also important to mention the holidays of "Sant Antoni del Porquet", that are celebrated annually in January as well as the holidays of "San Francisco de Borja", celebrated from September 29 to October 3.

Sports and alternative tourism

Gandia has an enviable infrastructure in order to practice any sports, specially the practice of aquatic spots, wind surf and skin-diving; also practicing related activities to the mountain and nature are usual. In summer, as well as winter, Gandia offers a wide range of alternative tourism activities, such as cycling, mountaineering and speleology.

It is also possible practicing more conventional sports, and for this purpose Gandia has an Olympic athletic road, air-conditioned swimming pools, soccer fields, basketball courts, hockey fields, etc.

Photos of Gandia